5.1 Article VIII, Section 8.2 of the CC&Rs shall govern parking use restrictions. The following parking rules are in addition to the parking use restrictions in Article VIII, Section 8.2 of the CC&Rs.

5.2 All persons parking or stopping their vehicle at or on Association property do so at their own risk. The Association is not responsible for any damage or injuries sustained as a result thereof.

5.3 Owners shall keep garages readily available for parking of permitted vehicle at all times and shall not store any goods or materials therein or use any portion of the garage for a workshop or other use which would prevent said Owner from parking the number of vehicles therein for which said garage was originally designed and constructed by Declarant.

5.4 Certain groups of Lots in the Community may share a Common Driveway that provides physical access only to the Driveway Group. The Owners of Lots in a Driveway Group shall each have perpetual semi exclusive easements for vehicular and pedestrian access, ingress and egress over the Common Driveway such Driveway Group. There shall be no parking on or obstruction of the Common Driveways by residents and/or their guests.

5.5 All California, local vehicle, City of Highland and San Bernardino County Fire codes, and posted speed limits will be enforced.

5.6 All vehicles parked on the streets must be parked in the direction of the flow of traffic.

5.7 Vehicles shall not extend into a sidewalk or impede access over any common area.

5.8 Vehicles shall not be parked in front of mailboxes or in any manner which may obstruct
access to a mailbox by the U.S. Postal Service.

5.9 No trailer, motor home, recreational vehicle, commercial vehicle, boat, camper, U-Haul type vehicle or truck larger than one (1) ton may be parked within the Association (except for temporary parking of any such vehicle) for a period not to exceed four (4) consecutive hours for loading and/or unloading purposes.

5.10 No person shall operate an automobile, motorized scooter, moped, motorized razor, golf cart, motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle or any other type of motor vehicle within the Association without a valid driver’s license, or a California learner’s permit, provided that all conditions imposed on such license or permit are satisfied.

5.11 Vehicles parked in a marked fire lane, within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, in a parking space designated for handicapped parking without proper authority, or in a manner which interferes with any entrance to, or exit from, the community or an Owner’s separate interest shall be subject to tow, at Owner’s expense, without notice.

5.12 All drivers operating a vehicle within the community shall abide by all posted traffic control signals and signs, including, but not limited to, all posted speed limits, stop signs, and crosswalks. All persons driving within the Association shall exercise caution and reasonable driving conduct when operating a vehicle. All drivers must be aware that children and those accompanying children cross the streets within the community for ingress, egress and access to and from their respective homes and Common Area facilities.

5.13 All persons driving within the Association shall abide by California Vehicle Codes pertaining to school buses. When a school bus is stopped for the purpose of unloading or loading students, regardless of whether the red lights are flashing or any stop signal arm is activated, all approaching vehicles from all directions must stop until all students are loaded or unloaded and the school bus begins to move again.

5.14 Contractors shall not leave vehicles or equipment on streets overnight.

5.15 Owners shall, at all times, be responsible for their tenant’s, guest’s, or contractor’s compliance with all of the provisions of the Governing Documents and shall be responsible for all parking and traffic violations of their tenants, guests and contractors.

5.16 The Association may tow any vehicle which violates these Rules and Regulations, including, but not limited to, any vehicle parked in a “no parking lane” or other area designated or posted “no parking.”

5.17 The Board may levy a fine for each individual parking or traffic violation, in accordance with the Association’s enforcement and fine policy.